Hospital Confinement


National Security Insurance Company’s Hospital Confinement Insurance Policy helps fill the financial gap left by major medical coverage and is available for individuals and families. With simple rate structures, this coverage is an ideal supplemental policy for individuals as well as any employee benefits program.

For hospital confinement due to sickness or accident, this policy pays a daily benefit beginning the first day of hospital confinement – with no waiting or elimination period – and coverage continues for as long as it is needed.

Four rate structures are available: individual, husband and wife, family and one-parent family. You choose the number of people to be covered under the policy and the number of units of coverage. The premium is determined by these factors as well as the insured’s age. If both insured spouses are hospitalized at the same time due to an accident, the basic benefit doubles for each spouse.

Basic coverage is increased by 50 percent for hospital confinement due to cancer or heart attack. Federal and VA hospitals are also included in this plan.


For one year after policy effective date, coverage will not include hospital confinements resulting from pre-existing conditions. For insured persons 65 years and older, benefits are paid at one-half for the first 60 days of hospitalization. After the first 60 days, full benefits are paid for the duration of hospitalization. Coverage does not include nursing homes, convalescent, extended care or self care units of the hospital. One-half benefits are paid up to 30 days of confinement due to mental illness.

Benefits for Hospital Confinement

BENEFITSOne Unit PaysTwo Units PayThree Units Pay
Hospital Confinement due to Sickness or Accident$50 per day$75 per day$100 per day
Hospital Confinement Due to Cancer or Heart Attack$75 per day$112.50 per day$150 per day
When Both Insured and Insured Spouse are Hospitalized at the Same Time due to Accident at Same Time$100 per day$150 per day$200 per day


Underwritten by National Security Insurance Company, Elba, AL. Limitations and exclusions apply. Actual policy provisions control. Not all policies or benefits are available in all states. Rates subject to change on a class basis.

National Security's Hospital Confinement policy is available in AL, GA, MS, and TX.

Important - Read your policy.

This description is not an insurance policy. It serves only to provide a general description of coverages available from The National Security Group, Inc. Insurance policies for the coverages described above contain specific details of the coverages provided, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.
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