Lump Sum Cancer


When medical expenses and other financial burdens make life complicated, National Security Insurance Company provides supplemental insurance, plain and simple.

Our First Diagnosis Lump Sum Cancer insurance policy pays a single payment directly to the insured upon diagnosis of internal cancer or malignant melanoma (see limitations below for types of cancer excluded). This pays in addition to other insurance in force.

The insured can spend the money when, where and how it is needed, with no stipulations, even to cover insurance deductibles, transportation expenses, lodging, or loss of income for just paying the monthly bills.

You may purchase an individual policy, family coverage, or single parent family coverage. Unmarried dependent children are covered to age 25. The benefits are the same for each insured person, and the benefit will not decrease due to the age of the insured.

Benefits are available in $5,000 increments up to a maximum of $30,000. The policy is guaranteed renewable for life.

Benefits are the same even if a government or VA hospital is chosen.


Benefit is payable on a covered person as defined in the policy only for the first diagnosis of a covered cancer. This policy does not provide benefits for any other disease or incapacity, even if the other disease or incapacity may have been affected or complicated by cancer. Cancer does not include: 1)premalignant tumors or polyps; 2)cancer in situ; 3)intraductal noninvasive carcinoma of the breast; 4)cardinoid of the appendix; 5)Stage 1 transitional carcinoma of the urinary bladder; or 6)any skin Cancers other than malignant melanomas.

This policy has a 30 day waiting period. Benefit is not payable to anyone who has been diagnosed with any type of cancer before the policy has been in force 30 days from the “Policy Date of Issue” on the policy. If the insured is diagnosed with cancer during the 30 day waiting period, the insured may void the policy from the beginning and receive a full refund of premium.

Each covered person is limited to one First Diagnosis Lump Sum Cancer benefit.

The policy will not pay benefits if the diagnosis of cancer is made by you or a member of your immediate family or household. Diagnosis must be made within the United States and its territories.


Underwritten by National Security Insurance Company, Elba, AL. Limitations and exclusions apply. Actual policy provisions control. Not all policies or benefits are available in all states. Rates subject to change on a class basis.

National Security's Lump Sum Cancer policy is available in AL, GA, MS, SC, and TN.

Important - Read your policy.

This description is not an insurance policy. It serves only to provide a general description of coverages available from The National Security Group, Inc. Insurance policies for the coverages described above contain specific details of the coverages provided, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.
Please consult your local agent or refer to your policy for actual coverages.