Cancer & Specified Disease


National Security is committed to helping individuals and families cope with the medical costs of cancer. In addition to cancer coverage, this insurance pays you benefits for 20 other specified diseases: Muscular Dystrophy, Poliomyelitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Encephalitis, Rabies, Tetanus, Typhoid Fever, Bubonic Plague, Tuberculosis, Osteomyelitis, Diphtheria, Scarlet Fever, Epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis, undulant Fever, Sickle Cell Anemia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Smallpox, Addison’s Disease, Hansen Disease, & Tularemia.

Treatment options are improving constantly, with new pharmaceuticals and advancements in surgical procedures. As with all improvements, cost increases usually follow. This supplemental policy provides for some of the expenses not covered by major medical insurance such as loss of income, lodging, and travel expenses. We offer different plan levels of coverage which makes our cancer policy affordable for practically anyone.


  • Individuals and spouses between 17 and 64 years of age.
  • Family Plan coverage may include you, your spouse and dependent children as defined in the policy. Coverage for dependent children terminates on the policy anniversary next following the date the child is no longer eligible, which is either when the child marries or reaches age 21 (25 if a full-time student at an educational institution of higher learning beyond high school). Coverage for the insured’s spouse ends upon valid decree of divorce.

Policy Benefits

BenefitPlan APlan BPlan C
First Occurrence Benefit$2,000 $2,000 $2,000
Wellness Benefit$75 / year$100 / year$100/year
Waiver of PremiumPremiumPremiumPremium
Hospital Confinement$100/day$200/day$400/day
Inpatient Drugs and Medicines$10/day$10/day$10/day
Physicians Attendance$20/day$30/day$30/day
Ambulance$100 per confinement$200 per confinement$200 per confinement
Private Duty Nursing Services$100/day$100/day$100/day
Government or Charity Hospital$100/day$100/day$100/day
Hospice Care Center$100/day$100/day$100/day
Hospice Care Team$100/day$100/day$100/day
Extended Care Facility$100/day$100/day$100/day
Extended Benefits (after 70 days of hospital confinement)$100/day$200/day$200/day
Home Nursing$100/day$100/day$100/day
Inpatient Surgery$1,500 Schedule$3,000 Schedule$3,000 Schedule
Outpatient Surgery150% of inpatient150% of inpatient150% of inpatient
Second Surgical Opinion$200 $200 $200
Anesthesia25% of surgical benefit25% of surgical benefit25% of surgical benefit
Ambulatory Surgical Center$250/day$250/day$250/day
Radiation and Chemotherapy$5,000 per 12 months$10,000 per 12 months$20,000 per 12 months
Blood, Plasma, and Platelets$5,000 per 12 months$10,000 per 12 months$20,000 per 12 months
Prosthesis$2,000 $2,000 $2,000
Physical or Speech Therapy$25/day$25/day$25/day
New or Experimental Treatment$5,000 per 12 months$10,000 per 12 months$20,000 per 12 months
Skin CancerActual charges up to $150Actual charges up to $300Actual charges up to $300
Outpatient Lodging$50/day$100/day$100/day
Non-Local TransportationAirfare or $0.50/mileAirfare or $0.50/mileAirfare or $0.50/mile
Family Member Lodging$50/day$100/day$100/day
Family Member TransportationAirfare or $0.50/mileAirfare or $0.50/mileAirfare or $0.50/mile
Hospital Intensive CareN/A$300/day$300/day


Please note Plan C is offered only through a payroll deduction basis.
Hospital Intensive Care Rider is not available in Tennessee for all plans.


The policy is guaranteed renewable for life.

Waiting Period, Exceptions, and Limitations

The policy contains a 30-day waiting period that begins on the effective date. No benefits are payable for any covered person who has cancer or a specified disease diagnosed before coverage has been in force 30 days from the effective date, except should a covered person have cancer or a specified disease first diagnosed after signing the application and before the end of the waiting period, benefits for treatment of that cancer or specified disease will apply only to loss commencing after 2 years from the effective date of the policy; or, at your option, you may elect to void the policy from the beginning and receive a full refund of premiums in accordance with the Notice of 30 Day Right to Examine Policy Provision. The policy does not pay for any loss except for losses due directly from cancer or specified disease. Diagnosis must be submitted to support each claim. The policy does not pay for any disease or incapacity that has been caused, complicated, worsened or affected by cancer or a specified disease or as a result of cancer or specified disease treatment. Treatment must be received in the United States or its territories. Hospital as used in the benefit section above does not include any institution, or part thereof, that is used primarily as a clinic, convalescent home, rest home, home for the aged, nursing home, or facilities primarily affording custodial, educational, rehabilitative care or care and treatment of alcoholics or drug addicts, or mental or nervous disorders.


Underwritten by National Security Insurance Company, Elba, AL. Limitations and exclusions apply. Actual policy provisions control. Not all policies or benefits are available in all states. Rates subject to change on a class basis.

National Security's Cancer & Specified Disease policy is available in AL, GA, MS, SC, TN, and TX.

Important - Read your policy.

This description is not an insurance policy. It serves only to provide a general description of coverages available from The National Security Group, Inc. Insurance policies for the coverages described above contain specific details of the coverages provided, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.
Please consult your local agent or refer to your policy for actual coverages.