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School Accident and Interscholastic Sports

National Security Insurance Company

It’s uncomfortable for us to think about an accident causing physical injury to our children. Unfortunately, accidents requiring medical attention sometimes occur despite the safeguards in place. National Security Insurance Company’s School, Football, and Sports Accident Plan is designed to supplement existing health care coverage.

The applicant decides how to use the benefits received under our Plan; whether it is to assist in meeting a deductible or a co-payment requirement; whatever the need. The cost is only $14 to cover each child during the school day for the entire school year, including summer school. For a premium of $42 the coverage can be extended to 24 hours a day including the summer months. The plan includes coverage for all school interscholastic sports with the exception of football. Junior varsity and varsity football require an additional premium.

Take a look at the benefits outlined in this brochure and we think you will agree that National Security’s School, Football, and Sports Accident Plan is a great value. The Plan can provide much needed financial assistance to the families in your school should they be affected by an unfortunate accident.

  • School Day Coverage


    Provides benefits for accidents while:

    • attending regular school sessions;
    • taking part, other than as a spectator, in a school sponsored activity;
    • traveling directly to and from your home premises and the school for school sessions and school sponsored activities, within one hour before and after you are dismissed.

    Coverage does not include participation in interscholastic football for grades 7-12.

    Coverage ends at midnight on the last day of classes for the current school year.

  • 24-Hour Accident Coverage


    Provides benefits for accidents around the clock, including home, school, weekends and during the summer. Coverage does not include participation in interscholastic football for grades 7-12. Coverage ends at midnight the day before school begins for the next school year.

  • Interscholastic Football Coverage


    Provides benefits for accidents occurring during the play, practice, training, weightlifting or conditioning for supervised interscholastic football for grades 7 - 12. Coverage is also provided for travel in school transportation to or from such games or practices. A single premium covers the student until midnight the night before school begins the following school year.

Medical Benefits

Maximum Benefit for All Services Specified Below: $25,000 per accident or 12 month period
Hospital/Facility Benefits
Ambulatory Surgical Center $500 maximum for all services/fees
Hospital Inpatient Miscellaneous Expense $500 maximum for all expenses other than room and board
Hospital Outpatient Expense Up to $100 per accident…also includes medical supplies in a physician’s office or clinic
Intensive Care Unit $500 per day for a maximum of 5 days
Physician Services
Anesthesiologist 25% of the surgical benefit allowed
Assistant Surgeon 25% of the surgical benefit allowed
Laboratory Services – performed at the physician’s office $25 per accident
Non-surgical Physician Visit – not payable in addition to surgery $40 for the first visit and $25 for each visit thereafter
Surgical Procedure $90 per unit based on the 1994 Revision of the 1969 California Relative Value Study up to a $1,500 maximum
Other Services
Ambulance – land or air $300 per accident maximum
Ambulance – land or air $300 per accident maximum
Durable Equipment $150 per accident
Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids $175 per accident provided treatment is received for a covered bodily injury
Physiotherapy $25 per day for a maximum of 12 days
Prescription Drugs $50 per accident
MI/CT/EEG/EKG $300 per accident
X-rays – outpatient or doctor’s office $150 per accident
Non-Medical Benefits – See Definitions for details
Family Lodging $100 per night for a maximum of 7 nights
Travel Expense $.50 per mile for a maximum of $100
Home Tutoring (not available in Georgia) $30 per hour for a maximum of $500
Dental Expense
Sound, Natural Teeth $200 per tooth not to exceed $2,000 per accident

Death and Dismemberment Benefits

Specific Loss Accident Benefits Amount
Death $10,000
Both Feet $10,000
Both Hands $10,000
Sight of One Eye and One Hand or Foot $4,000
Sight of Both Eyes $3,500
One Hand or One Foot $3,000
Sight of One Eye $1,500

Only one of the amounts (the largest) named in the Specific Loss Section will be paid for injuries resulting from one accident and shall be in lieu of any other amount payable for such accident. Loss must result within 180 days of the accident. Texas: All benefits paid on behalf of a child under the policy must be paid to the Texas Department of Human Services whenever: 1) the Texas Department of Human Services is paying benefits under the Human Resources Code, Chapter 31, or Chapter 32,  i.e., financial and medical assistance service programs administered pursuant to the Human Resources Code. 2) National Security Insurance Company must receive at its home office, written notice affixed to the insurance claim when the claim is first submitted, and the notice must state that all benefits paid pursuant to this section must be paid directly to the Texas Department of Human Services.


Limitations and Exclusions

This policy does not cover loss nor provide benefits for:

  • Any sickness, disease, infection (except bacterial infections due to an accidental cut or wound), including but not limited to: a congenital condition, accidental ingestion of contaminated food, Osgood-Schlatter disease, osteochondritis, or hernia of any kind, regardless of cause
  • Injuries sustained as a result of operating, riding in or upon, boarding or alighting from a two- three-wheeled recreational motor vehicle, or snowmobile
  • The use of drugs or narcotics, unless administered under the advice of a physician; or injury received while the insured is legally intoxicated
  • Injuries received while participating in any riot or civil commotion; any form of fighting or brawling or felonious assault; or the insured being engaged in an illegal activity
  • Air travel or the use of any device or equipment for aerial navigation, except as a fare-paying passenger on a regularly scheduled commercial airline
  • Suicide or any attempt thereat or any self-inflicted injury while sane or insane
  • Repair or replacement of dentures or orthodontic braces
  • The play, practice or training of school sponsored interscholastic football for grades 7-12 unless the premium has been paid under the Interscholastic Football option
  • Injuries for which benefits are paid under Worker’s Compensation or Employer’s Liability Law
  • Injuries received while participating in a rodeo
  • Services rendered by a member of the Insured’s immediate family (parent, spouse, child, or sibling) or for expenses which neither the Insured nor the school are required to pay

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